Apply to become a Member of the MBA Boland

This is an invitation to consider membership of the MBA Boland, to become part of the formal building industry and to take advantage of the many benefits our organisation offers you.

As a member you will have the right to:

  • Receive our electronic news regarding the building industry.
  • Use our expert Safety Service at competitive prices. We assist you to avoid / reduce site accidents and to avoid the penalties for contravening the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • As a member you can make use of our Training services. We facilitate various training programmes throughout the year with lower prices for our members.
  • Obtain contract documentation (JBCC and MBSA) at nominal cost for members. It provides protection and peace of mind to you and your client.
  • Have your name on our MBA BOLAND WEBSITE. We market your enterprise!
  • As member you are entitled to assistance regarding labour relations.
  • Use the MBA Boland Crest on your stationary, site boards and vehicles (to be removed when membership is terminated).
  • Receive an annual MBA Boland Membership Certificate to display with pride.
  • Be assisted by an organisation with a proven track record and experience of more than 68 years in the building industry.
  • Attend Regional Meetings, General Meetings and other forums and participate in the discussions.

In addition, the MBA Boland will represent you on the Building Bargaining Council and negotiate on your behalf for wages, conditions of employment and other conditions with the trade unions.

For more information, contact Sulitha at (021) 863 3330 or


All sections must be completed. Attach relevant documentation where/if necessary.