A service to help you cope with change

We are living in a time when fundamental education and training rules, the basic ways we use to do things, have been altered dramatically by the Skills Development Legislation. It has become more important than ever to anticipate and shape our own future, because if we don’t, someone else surely will.

We need to manage the changes brought about by the Skills Development Act in order to align future training and development with the terms and conditions of the dispensation.

As employer you are already contributing to the Skills Development Fund through a monthly levy payment to SARS. 80% of your contribution is paid over to the Construction Education and Training SETA who in turn will reimburse you, the contributor toward actual training expenses incurred on condition that you; are registered with then CETA, appoint a Skills Development Facilitator, submit a workplace skills plan outlining your commitment to training and development for the next year and submit progress reports on a regular basis.